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Pomegranate seeds have always reminded me of cute little crystals

So I stole some pomegranates from my cousin's backyard and decided to experiment and play around with the flavors. I usually like eating them as snacks since it's pretty fun to eat but decided to make a drink today! It's super refreshing— this is more on the tart side so if you like more tart flavors, you'll love this!

Half of the time I'm not sure why I do these recipes because I don't think you'd need a recipe for this type of things? Most of the time it's just up to preference and eyeballing because everyone's taste buds are different. But in case you wanted some more "exact" measurements:


  • 1 cup of pomegranate seeds

  • 1/4 cup sugar, preference

  • lemonade (how you would usually make it)

Once you've collected all your pomegranate seeds, you can put them into a bowl and mash them up. You can also take out your blender and blend them up for a few seconds (making sure you get just the juices and not blend up the seeds too much)— this way's faster but I was lazy to take out my blender so I mashed it by hand hehe. After mashing up the seeds, strain it out.

Once you have the pomegranate juice, add in your sugar and taste to see if it's sweet enough for you. Depending on your fruit, you'll need more or less. You can also substitute sugar with honey if you like :-)

The next step is optional but you can heat up the juice and sugar so make sure everything's dissolved. If you like a thicker syrup, let it boil for a bit longer until you get the desired texture. This is your pomegranate syrup!

Allow this syrup to cool down before using it. Once cooled, add it to your lemonade! I topped mine off with some mint leaves which brings in a nice flavor and some more pomegranate seeds.

Follow me on Instagram! @lifewithtuyen— I always ask what you want me to make next :-)

IMPORTANT: I'm fortunate enough to be able to connect with everyone on here through baking and food but there are also many important issues going on that needs attention. Continue to learn, educate yourself, and grow.

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marina calvo
marina calvo
Sep 20, 2020

that looks SOOOO GOOD

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